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Managing Your Technology Should Be Simple.

Educate potential client regarding managing IT Solutions and Cybersecurity Rick Management.

   At Simple Solutions

we understand that we succeed when you succeed.  If you feel that your technology is hurting your business more than helping, Simple Solutions is here to help you pick the RIGHT technology.

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   We provide IT support services and consulting while working to lowing your cybersecurity risk and improve your technology. 


   About Simple Solutions

Founded in 1990, Simple Solutions IT provides MSP services on the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coast. Providing 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, the company keeps businesses IT infrastructure working, providing technical support to reduce downtime. Providing unlimited, all-inclusive support, we offers customers comprehensive computer and network maintenance plans, including optimizing servers, PCs, software and cybersecurity systems, and mobile devices. The company helps reduce IT investment and expenses, backs up data, and updates software applications. Simple Solutions IT additionally provides managed printing services for printers and copiers, firewalls and intrusion detection tools, and managed internet connectivity.  Many computer repair service companies in Pascagoula and Moss Point offer technology services, but as a local computer consulting company, Simple Solutions will tailor a solution for your in-home computer repair needs or computer networking support in your office.   We serve the following locations:

Light and Shadow

   Helping you find the right IT Solutions

We can help your organization evaluate your current technology and compare it to new solutions. We create long-term technology plans for our customers and function as an ongoing "Virtual CTO". With planning and consultation, you can rest assured that your organization is up to date and secure when it comes to email, servers, networking, backup, and more. Furthermore, you can estimate costs and schedule upgrades so that they match your company's budgetary needs. Careful planning is a critical step toward avoiding budget surprises or mistakes.



We provide premium, personal support to our customers. All of our staff are extremely knowledgeable, with years of real experience. Unlike our corporate competitors, we don’t take unskilled staff and make them memorize a set of preconditioned responses. We take skilled and experienced technicians and teach them the Simple Solutions way. Our staff are also friendly and personal. We all speak fluent English, have good manners, and enjoy working with users and teaching people to use technology.


   "The Simple Solution"

We call it "Simple Solution" for a reason – we want to help you understand and take control over your technology. We don’t just fix problems; we explain why they happened and how to avoid them in the future. We don’t just supply Simple Solutions; we carefully compare available technologies and make educated, customized recommendations. We take pride in teaching as we work so that you can feel comfortable with your technology. This is a unique approach in the computer industry, and our clients love it


   Our Missions

At Simple Solutions, we understand that we succeed when you succeed. So if you feel that your technology is hurting your business more than helping it, Simple Solutions is here to help. From our consultation services to our remote monitoring management, we promise the best IT Services. Our goal is simple, to help you take your business to the next level – without the headaches. Simple Solutions understands the importance of proactive maintenance to ensure that your company has zero down time because we understand that down time costs your business time and money. We will ensure that you get the best IT support in a timely matter.

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